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Be a Better Developer Posts

5 Core iOS Competencies to Be a Great Hire

A list of core skills that are necessary in almost every app. If you can do all of these things reliably, you are well on your way to being a great hire as an iOS developer

5 Core Swift Competencies Before You Get a Job

A list of skills, beyond just the ability to get the job done, every Swift developer should know before they get paid to develop.

Getting Started With Swift

A list of key concepts to know when getting started with Swift and links to resources to stay current with its development.

Be A Better Indie - 5. Listen to Podcasts

A list with descriptions of the main podcasts that have made me a better developer and keep me informed.

Be A Better Indie - 3. Trim Your Incoming Email

I hate being constantly distracted by incoming emails. To solve this problem I decided to drastically reduce the amount of emails I receive. This is how I did that.

10 Ways to Be a Better Independent Developer

A series of posts about how to be a better independent developer

Comfortably Uncomfortable

A look at how pushing through discomfort is exactly where I want to be.