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Be A Better Indie - 4. Create a Singular To-Do List

The way that I handle my to-do list so that I stay on task with minimal effort.

Be A Better Indie - 3. Trim Your Incoming Email

I hate being constantly distracted by incoming emails. To solve this problem I decided to drastically reduce the amount of emails I receive. This is how I did that.

Be A Better Indie - 2. Accept, appreciate, and, channel the stress

Being and independent developer can be extremely stressful. It is important that you learn to accept, appreciate, and channel to turn it into something positive.

Be A Better Indie - 1. Cultivate A Support Structure

No person is an island. It is virtually impossible to be successful in anything that you do without having a good support structure around you.

10 Ways to Be a Better Independent Developer

A series of posts about how to be a better independent developer

Taking the Plunge

How I came to the decision to finally take the plunge and go independent.