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Deploying Server-Side Swift

There are many ways you could choose to host a Swift website or web service, but here I share what has worked well for me.

5 Core Swift Competencies Before You Get a Job

A list of skills, beyond just the ability to get the job done, every Swift developer should know before they get paid to develop.

Practical Use for Curried Functions in Swift

An practical example of how curried functions in Swift can be useful for implementing a logger

Swift KVO Substitute: Observable Variables

My attempt to implement a KVO replacement purely in Swift

Getting Started With Swift

A list of key concepts to know when getting started with Swift and links to resources to stay current with its development.

What is an Optional in Swift

A summary with examples of what an Optional is in Swift

Uses for Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals in Swift

A list with concrete examples of when and when not to use Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals in Swift.

7 Cool Features in Swift

Concrete examples for some cool and practical new features in Swift that will improve the daily lives of iOS and OS X programmers.

Swift’s Weird Handling of Basic Value Types and AnyObject

Basic value types like String and Int can be secretly converted to Objective-C types like NSString and NSNumber. This has some interesting effects and implications.