About Me

About Me


My name is Andrew Wagner. I have a passion for product and user experience development. I don't care what technologies or skills I have to learn as long as they allow me to shape the products I develop to provide the best experience possible for its users. That is the perspective I bring to all of my development including my programming.

My main skills are in programming and user experience, but I have dabbled in graphic design, product design, marketing, business development, and everything else involved in turning an idea into a marketable reality.

A Bit More Personal

I don't feel like I fit into any classical mold of a profession. My main training is in Software Engineering but I have also studied User Experience and even a little bit of Graphic Design. My main passion is developing amazing user experiences that hopefully push society forward. This can be as technical as creating an understandable and maintainable API to helping shape the emerging world of Speech Interfaces.

I pride myself in having strong opinions but also a huge willingness to be persuaded differently. I have a hard time holding back my opinions but I love to discuss them with others, especially when they have opposing positions.


App Development

  • Freelance iOS developer at Chronos Interactive (June 2015 to Present)

    As the sole iOS developer I am a part of the whole development experience from initial client meetings to delivery of the product. Also, because the vast majority of apps don't exist in a vacuum anymore, I often also write backend services and occasionally web apps

  • Founder at Learn Brigade (January 2009 to Present)

    I have been developing my own iOS apps on the side since the beginning of the App Store in 2008. This business has evolved over time but it has primarily centered around creating educational apps

  • iOS Software Developer at ShowMobile (November 2012 - September 2013)

    Startup based in Denver, CO developing a social video platform for iOS

Industry Experience

  • ASR Software Developer at Garmin (January 2010 - December 2008)

    Worked on the Speech Recognition team primarily in C and C++. I also developed internal web tools in PHP, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript for collecting audio and testing Speech Recognition.


Bachelors in Computer Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Apps on the Store

  • Notecards (2009) - Semi-successful study Application using virtual flash cards
  • ShowMobile (2013) - Mobile entertainment platform currently targeted at teenagers
  • Busy Bee Cafe (2010) - Contact app for a restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • HDS Entry, Mobile Inspection (2014) - App to allow housing authority inspectors to conduct a variety of inspections digitally from the field
  • OnBeat (2016) - An app to manage group workouts tracking athlete's heart rate through bluetooth. This uses a backend web service and web app both written in Swift.

Apps Previously on the Store

  • Redirect - Failed challenging action / puzzle game
  • What the Turkey? - Silly Thanksgiving card creator

Other Apps

I have also developed tens of other apps during freelance development that are distributed internally to their businesses.


Consumer Products Worked on

  • NĂ¼vi 3790T - The feature I worked on was Speech Recognition. A real world demonstration from a user is here.
  • Chrysler Navigation System
  • Suzuki Navigation System

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